Tango dance shoes

At Danswinkel Amsterdam, we have a broad collection of dance shoes. If you are looking for tango shoes, we can help you with that as well. We have various models in store that you can try on. Tango shoes have a suede sole and normally a high heel, although this is not right for everyone. The right shoe is different for every person, so we try to have as many models, heel sizes and materials in store as possible. However, when you are looking for a specific model, it is wise to give us a call to see if this model is in stock. When you have a problem with your feet or when you have a difficult size, we can always help you to find the right model and size. The labels we sell at Danswinkel Amsterdam are carefully selected by us, so we can guarantee the quality of our products. Examples of the tango labels we sell are Nueva Epoca, Portdance and Anna Kern.